Welcome to BMMS Math Team 2020-2021

Math Team is a math club ran by parents for students who are committed to putting in the effort to develop their math knowledge and problem solving

Useful meeting and events info

  • Weekly Math club meetings are held on Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:30pm.
  • The Math Team club is made of 2 groups: Black Team and Blue Team; each of these 2 groups will meet its own zoom meetings (see more info below)
  • This year, the math competitions will be also be done online
  • The calendar of events is posted here: Schedule

Black Team

  • Zoom meetings: zoom 1 (6:00pm), zoom 2 (6:30pm), zoom 3 (7:00pm)
  • Student list (in the order of registration to club): Roger Niciu, Raine Wen, Kevin Kakkad, Pranay Kulkarni, Neha Srinivasan, Aarav Yadav, Tanvi Bhide, Aarchi Awasthy, Nishk Shah, David He, Derek Lam, Benjamin Lee, Griffin Samuel, Sparsh Singhai, Maanit Mehta, Simran Tilani, Anay Sabhnani, Sepehr Oshidari

Blue Team

  • Zoom meetings: zoom 1 (6:00pm), zoom 2 (6:30pm), zoom 3 (7:00pm)
  • Student list (in the order of registration to club): Ayushi Sheth, Sarah Deng, Landon Luong, Joan Benish, Avaneesh Sharma, Sukhmani Bajaj, Shriyans Dharajula

Homework materials

General info about the Math Club

  • As of 9/14/2020, the registration for the Math Club is closed. The Math Club is at full capacity and cannot accept more students.
  • General info about the club: see this presentation discussed during kick-off meeting on 9/8/2020
  • Parents of the registered students, please make a donation of $60 per student to cover competition registration, party, awards, etc. How to pay: PayPal or check to BMMS Educational Foundation (please put a note for math team). Use https://educationfoundationbmms.com/donate/, and email benishb@gmail.com and sampada100@gmail.com once you made the donation.


  • For questions, email the Math Team head coach, Almira Niciu, at bmms.mathteam@gmail.com
  • The BMMS teacher supporting this activity is Mrs Julie Garcia
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