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Welcome to BMMS Math Team 2022-2023

BMMS math team is organized by parents for students committed to develop their math knowledge and problem solving skills. Club members will meet weekly to deepen math knowledge from concept to practice. Team will prepare for annual competitions such as AMC 8, AMC 10, MathCounts, and MathLeague. Additionally, club will coordinate with high school students with excellent math skill and fresh competition experience to coach a few occurrences when possible. 
The club will not succeed without parent volunteers. We encourage all parents with STEM background to step up to coach a few meetings.

Coaches: Kai Deng(Head Coach), Sapna Rao, May He, Kaushik Chakraborty


Weekly meeting of 2022-2023 will be held virtually.

Black Team meeting time: Tuesday 7pm.

Blue Team meeting time: Wednesday 6pm.

Zoom Link Zoom Class

Honors (2022-2023)

  • Outstanding Students Award
    • Sarah Deng
    • Richard Chen
    • Chloe Liang
    • Aadi Thackeray
    • Bernard Vertelov
    • Elaine Wen
    • Ayushi Sheth
    • Ryan Khazaei
    • Aneesh Nayak
  • Math League Algebra Contest
    • 6th grade: Richard Chen (1st ) , Viom Bhatia (2nd ), Marcus Huang (3rd ), Bernard Vertelov (4th), Evan Short Bull (5th), Andrew Lam (5th) 
    • 7th grade: Aneesh Nayak (1st), Jack He (2nd), Matteo Priore (3rd), Raunav Mendiratta (3rd), Elaine Wen (5th), Sylvia Liang (5th)
    • 8th grade: Sarah Deng (1st), Ayushi Sheth (2nd), Chloe Liang (3rd), Shriyans Dharajula (4th), Jayden Park (5th)
  • Math League Grade Level Contest
    • 6th grade:
      • Viom Bhatia (1st BMMS) , Regional 3rd place, CA league 23rd place
      • Bernard Vertelov (2nd)
      • Evan Short Bull (3rd)
      • Richard Chen (4th)
      • Andrew Lam (5th)
    • 7th grade:
      • Elaine Wen (1st) , Regional 3rd place, CA league 35th place
      • Jack He (2nd)
      • Aneesh Nayak (2nd)
      • Sylvia Liang (4th)
      • Aaryan Menezes (4th)
    • 8th grade:
      • Sarah Deng (1st) , Regional 4th place, CA league 29th place
      • Ayushi Sheth (2nd), CA league 51st place
      • Chloe Liang (3rd)
      • Jayden Park (4th)
      • Shriyans Dharajula (5th)
  • Math Olympiad Contest
    • Division M:
      • Sarah Deng (1st Place, Perfect Score Medallion, Gold Trophy, Gold Pin Top 2%)
      • Chloe Liang (2nd Place, Gold Pin Top 2%, Honorable Mention Trophy)
      • Ayushi Sheth (3rd Place, Silver Pin Top 10%)
      • Aneesh Nayak, Elaine Wen, Jack He, Noah Lee, Raunav Mendiratta, Matteo Priore, Sylvia Liang, Aaryan Menezes (Patch Top 50%) 
    • Division E:
      • Viom Bhatia (1st Place, Gold Trophy, Gold Pin Top 2%)
      • Pranal Prajwal, Bernard Vertelov (2nd Place, Silver Pin Top 10%, Honorable Mention Trophy)
      • Aadi Thackeray, Swar Sinha (Silver Pin Top 10%)
      • Richard Chen, Andrew Lam, Evan Short Bull, Janaki Subramani, Vaaruni Shastry (Patch Top 50%)
  • 2023 AMC8
    • 1st Place: Chloe Liang
    • 2nd Places: Richard Chen, Noah Lee, Aneesh Nayak, Ayushi Sheth, Evan Short Bull
    • Certificate of Achievement: Evan Short Bull, Viom Bhatia, Richard Chen
  • 2022 AMC10B
    • 1st Place: Bernard Vertelov
    • 2nd Place: Chloe Liang
    • 3rd Place: Ayushi Sheth

Honors (2021-2022)

2021-2022 BMMS Math Team Year End Gathering – Congratulations to all for a productive year!
  • 2022 Math League Algebra 1
    • Daniel Namgoong (8th) and David He (8th), score: 28, 1st place in BMMS
    • Derek Lam (8th), score: 26, 3rd place in BMMS
    • Sparsh Singhai (8th), score: 25, 4th place in BMMS
    • Nishk Shah (8th), Ayushi Sheth (7th), and Avaneesh Sharma (7th), score: 24, 5th place in BMMS
  • 2022 AMC 8
    • David He (8th), Distinguished Honor Roll (top 1%) with score of 22, 1st place in BMMS.
    • Derek Lam (8th) and Chloe Liang (7th), Honor Roll with score of 19, 2nd place of BMMS
    • Raunav Mendiratta, Certificate of Achievement.
    • Aneesh Nayak, Certificate of Achievement.
    • Elaine Wen, Certificate of Achievement.
  • 2022 Math League Grade Level
    • Grade 6 –
      • Jack He, 1st place in BMMS, 4th place in Region.
      • Matthew Priore and Aneesh Nayak, 2nd place in BMMS
      • Elaine Wen, 4th place in BMMS
      • Sylvia Liang, 5th place in BMMS
    • Grade 7
      • Sarah Deng, 1st place in BMMS, 3rd place in Region.
      • Avaneesh Sharma, 2nd place in BMMS, 4th place in Region.
      • Chloe Liang, 3rd place in BMMS
      • Landon Luong, 4th place in BMMS
      • Ayushi Sheth and Ethan Zhou,, 5th place in BMMS
    • Grade 8
      • David He, 1st place in BMMS, 1st place in Region, 11th place in CA League.
      • Derek Lam, 2nd place in BMMS
      • Daniel Namgoong, 3rd place in BMMS
      • Maanit Mehta, Simran Tilani, and Sparsh Singhai, 4th place in BMMS
  • 2022 MathCounts Chapter
    • David He (8th) 1st place in BMMS (tie breaker winner in Chapter)
    • Daniel Namgoong (8th) 1st place in BMMS
    • Sarah Deng (7th) 3rd place in BMMS (tie breaker winner in Chapter)
    • Chloe Liang (7th) 3rd place in BMMS
    • Elaine Wen (6th) 3rd place in BMMS
  • 2021 Fall AMC 10B
    • Daniel Namgoong (8th) Certificate of Achievement, AIME Qualifier, 1st place in BMMS
    • David He (8th) 2nd place in BMMS
    • Sarah Deng (7th) 3rd place in BMMS
  • Best Performance Award – Group #2
    • Daniel Namgoong (Group Captain)
    • Simran Tilani
    • Sylvia Liang
    • Aneesh Nayak
    • Chloe Liang

General Information

  • See 22-23 Team Schedule
  • The Math students will be expected to participate in AMC10, AMC8, MathCounts, MathLeague, Competitions.
    • The Mathcounts is a nationwide middle school coaching and competitive program. The school level competition for all team members will be held in January 2022. Students will be selected to represent BMMS in the San Diego Regional in February 2022. Please see Mathcounts for details.
    • The AMC-8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple-choice test in middle school mathematics. The contest this year will be held in January 2022. Please see AMC for details.
    • The AMC-10 is a 25-question, 75-minute, multiple-choice test in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with algebra and geometry concepts. AMC-10 will be conducted in November 2021. More details at AMC-10/12.
    • Math League is a national competition where students compete by grade level, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. There is also an Algebra competition we plan to participate in. The Math League competitions will be in February and April 2022. More details at The Math League.


  • The registration fee is $72 per student. The fee is to cover coaching materials, competition registration, party, awards, etc. The due date is 9/13/2022. Payment: PayPal or check to BMMS Educational Foundation (please put a note that the donation is for math team). Use, and email with student’s name and email for communication, once you sent the donation.